Rotary oven

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Rotary oven

  • Brand Name: AOCNO
  • After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Condition: New
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Voltage: 220v/380v
  • Certification: CE
  • Installation: Overseas available
  • Electric Element: Schneider or Siemens or ABB
  • PLC: Siemens
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    Rotary oven

    Our rotary oven boast assure large baking area with minimum surface requirement. And also with a steam system which provides high volume, shine, texture and crust in the market. It is industrial & commercial baking oven.
    The energy required in the baking process is fine tuned by an energy saving heating element, a well balanced blower with precision nozzle which distributes the exact amount of heat necessary into the baking chamber.

    1. Even Baking.
    2. Minimum baking time. 
    3. Programmable timers with digital display to control baking time.
    4. Low Energy & Fuel Consumption.
    5. Automatic heat & time setting. 
    6. Apply to bake all kinds of bread, cake, cookie, biscuit and pasties.
    7. The burner imported from Japan with low oil consumption and low exhaust emission.
    8. The inside and outside of the oven is stainless steel.
    9. The diesel consumption is about 3.2L/hour for diesel type. The electric consumption is 36 for electric type. The gas type needs 3.5L per hour.

    10. Baking temperature is set and heating begins. When temperature reaches the set value, heat preservation will continue for 10 to 15 minutes to make temperature between the inside and outside of the stove balanced.

    11. It is used for industrial & commercial cake oven and other breads oven.


    Rotary oven:
    1. RIELLO burner to resist 1200℃.
    2. 7 inch LCD screen for the baker to check the rest time easily.
    3. Steam system can change 8 kilogram water into steam within 20 seconds.
    4. Position device on top to keep the trolley facing to the door after stopping.
    5. 360°circling hot air to keep equal and optimal fire.
    6. Air exhauster and fume collecting hood on top which is environmental protected.

    Model Applicable baking tray sizemm) Baking area(㎡) Maximum yield (According to bread/kg) Power(kw) Dimensionsmm Weightkg)
    R4060D 400*600  16-18 trays 4.3 50 Diesel 1.6 1650x1280x2300 650
    R4060E Electric 37.5 1650x1280x2300
    R4060G Gas1.6 1650x1280x2300
    R6080D 600*800  16-18 trays 
    400*600  32-36 trays
    5.7-8.6 120 Diesel 1.6 2000x1550x2300 1100
    R6080E Electric 46.5 2000x1550x2300
    R6080G Gas 1.6 2000x1550x2300
    R80100D 800*1000 16-18trays    
    450-750-2trollry  32-36 trays460*760-2trollry  32-36trays
    9.7-14.5 195 Diesel 2.5 2300X1850x2370 1400
    R80100E Electric 78 2300X1850x2370
    R80100G Gas 2.5 2300X1850x2370
    R80120D 800*1200 16-18trays 
    600*750-2trollry  32-36trays400*600-2trollry  64-72trays
    12.8-17.2 240 Diesel 4.7 2450x1970x2500 1800
    R80120E Electric 117 2450x1970x2500
    R80120G Gas 4.7 2450x1970x2500

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